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A Great Pastor’s Quote

It comes as a shock to some people that Jesus was a man of joy. We usually hear Him described as the “man of sorrows” (Isaiah 53:3). Of course, He was a “man of sorrows,” but He was also a man filled with the joy of the Lord. He experienced the deepest sorrows and the highest joys as He ministered here on earth. His heart was broken as He saw people destroying themselves with sin. His heart exulted as He saw God at work, saving the lost and making lives new. He had the sorrow of the shepherd, seeking the lost sheep, and the joy of the shepherd, bringing home the sheep that had been found.

Joy in life is not the absence of sorrow. The Arabs have a motto, “All sunshine makes a desert.” If God were to insulate us from sorrow, we would never grow or develop mature character. Heaven is a place of all joy and no sorrow, and hell is a place of all sorrow and no joy. But this present life is a mingling of the two. …

Pastor, Warren W. Wiersbe  (1988). Prayer: Basic Training (p 88). Wheaton, IL: Tyndale.

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