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We normally hear this phrase coming from our children while in route to some destination! It reflects their impatience and their anticipation! I ask this question regarding the obvious increase in racist acts of discrimination and unlawful actions against people of color! My case in point, the senseless murder of George Floyd and others! The question may seem to be rhetorical, however it speaks to the long-suffering and mistreatment of African Americans by the children of our ancestor’s slave holders!

I ask, are we there yet? Are we WHERE? Are we as a people, at the point of saying to those in the majority position, “enough is enough!” Are we at the point where we can no longer stand to see another black person murdered right before our eyes? Murdered in cold blood by insensitive, racist police and supremist vigilante groups? Are we at the place where we are ready to make whatever sacrifices necessary? By any means necessary, to stop this discriminatory, violent, murderous behavior against us?

Are we there yet? Can we continue to tolerate these inhuman crimes against citizens of color!  The government and police know there is strength in numbers! But we who desire to be free of this mistreatment, are not willing to take a collective stand, to oppose this treatment, against the powers that be! If you genuinely want these legalized lynching’s to stop; then our people have got to be willing to sacrifice convenience for inconvenience and give up comfort for discomfort! We must step out into the front lines of this issue and protest by voice, presence, letter, phone, and all social media platforms to confront injustice each time it occurs, with the full force of our numbers! 

We must physically sacrifice to go to the Supreme Court and United Nations in protest and demand that they take actions to ensure our rights and safety! Only then will we achieve the greater goal of human rights, respect, and equality in the country we live! Until Black people and people of good will, come together as one nationwide voice; and are willing to lay it all on the line, all our rights will be crushed under the feet, of those who feel they are privileged and deprive us all! Are we there yet?

Now please! Don’t any weak knee, Bible compromising, Trump supporter preachers, write to me saying” I don’t sound very Christian!” Keep your heads down in the sand, ignoring the plight of God’s people! Keep on preaching the prosperity lie and not salvation through Jesus Christ! Keep pacifying your congregation with what pleases them and not the truth of the Bible! It should be obvious to you from these repeat events that Christians face a dilemma of Faith Vs. Human rights!

We as leaders in our respective churches need to instruct our people to pray, yes! However, to pray for a specific outcome! We need to pray for racist people everywhere! We need to ask God to touch their hearts and minds to change! We need to ask God for a new revival in the lives of Christians who are racist! I am convinced that only GOD, can change the hearts of these people! We have tried everything we can since so called emancipation, to show them love, cooperation, brotherhood, and mutual respect! We need to pray collectively for these people, in a spirit of love, and allow God to make the necessary changes!

 Min. Douglas

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